See what many of our current and former clients are saying about Shawn Alyea and Christian Practices, LLC.

Shawn is kind and easy to talk to and work with. His thoughtful and insightful approach allowed me to think thru my own issues and come to resolutions. He is attentive, caring and compassionate. He truly cares about his clients and it is felt and shown in his interactions. He was always pleasant and has a great sense of humor. A great counselor all around!

– A.L.

I was skeptical about it all, but when I met Shawn, I forgot how quickly the positive progress came. Great listener and even better help provider. Can’t be more grateful.

– N.I.

I’ve been talking with Shawn for around 2 months now, and he has been really supportive and he never makes me feel like my emotions and thoughts are invalid. He is always present and he listens intently to everything I have to say. He never dismisses me or makes me feel that any of my thoughts or feelings are unworthy or trivial, which is something I have an immense need for. I have confidence that he would be able to restore my sense of self-worth and self-confidence in time, and that I’ll be in a better state of mind with his guidance.

– N.O.

Shawn is everything a counselor should be. Supportive, caring, and insightful. He doesn’t judge and guides me through the many emotions a widow goes through during the first year. He responds quickly when he sees that I am having a bad day and reminds me that I can handle the bad day. I appreciate all that he does. I am thankful for him.

– D.E.

Shawn has been a blessing. I have never connected with a counselor so quickly, and he never made me feel judged or pushed in a certain direction as with some of my other counselors. I would definitely recommend to friends and family! He has taken a bit of the weight off my shoulders in just a few visits. Thanks Shawn!

– C.O.